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Kennedy best Investments in Florida

Kennedy best Investments in Florida is a commercial real estate management company company that has managed industrial properties, office buildings, retail centers, and apartment complexes for over 30 years.

Currently Kennedy Investments manages or owns over $60,000,000 worth of real estate located primarily best Investments in Florida. This portfolio has has historically consisted of a diverse asset group of multi-family, industrial and office properties. Our expertise and knowledge in property management has been acquired through years of experience. The experience of our staff allows the client to have a specialized team working on the property’s needs. Our principals work closely with our clients to form a better understanding the client’s goals for the property.

In addition to managing the day-to-day aspects of a property,Kennedy best Investments in Florida will provide clients with:

  • Regular communication, including leasing, maintenance and financial reports;
  • Guidance in making owner investment and capital expenditure decisions;
  • Suggestions to enhance the value and aesthetics of your property;
  • Constant reevaluation of procedures to ensure superior levels of quality; and
  • Effective, responsive and customized service.


Financial Reporting

Kennedy best Investments in Florida produces timely financial reports for its clients.  Typical reports include quarterly and year-to-date cash flow, cash to budget variances, income register, expense register, journal entries, balance sheets, a complete transaction register, budget detail, aged accounts receivables as well as owner and vendor 1099’s plus comprehensive explanations of the materials and solutions to problem areas.

Physical Maintenance

Kennedy best Investments in Florida will assist you in preserving, maintaining, protecting and enhancing the physical and financial aspects of your property. We assure that the property is maintained to the owners’ standards, handle emergencies and keep owners informed with regard to the physical status of your property.

Regular visitations and inspections of the property are conducted to be sure that the common areas including lobbies, stairwells, landscaping, recreation facilities, walks and driveways, parking lots, and other physical components of the property are maintained to a standard of care established by the owner.

When construction or maintenance is required, Kennedy best Investments in Florida will assist owners in developing bid specifications, secure competitive bids, and will coordinate with contractors, vendors and suppliers. Completed work is regularly inspected prior to release of payment.

A Team Approach

Kennedy best Investments in Florida’ management and accounting personnel meet regularly to discuss individual properties from varying perspectives. By using this team approach, we feel we can best meet the physical, fiscal and operational needs of each property.

Representative Property Management Engagement

Kennedy best Investments in Florida currently manages two properties in Wesley Chapel, Florida for a local group of investors.  One property consists of a 16,800 sq. ft. retail center that was 58% leased when we assumed management in 2009.  The second property is a 24,000 sq. ft. retail center which was 70% leased in 2009 when we assumed management.

Both properties were subsequently leased to 100% by Kennedy best Investments in Florida at appropriate market rates for the new leases. We were also able to save the investors over $20,000 in year over year operating expenses by utilizing our vendor relationships and leveraging our management infrastructure.

Contact Us

Kennedy Investments, Inc

2901 W. Busch Boulevard
Suite #901
Tampa, FL 33618

  • Phone
    (813) 554-1200
  • Fax
    (813) 554-1201

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